work placement manager


If you would like to support young people to develop their skills, knowledge and attitude and to be a success in your business please complete this form. It will be sent to the Work Placement unit within your local council and they will provide you with further details of how to get involved.

The school work placement programme is designed to benefit employers, young people and school staff. It helps to form links between industry and education. A successful placement can help raise the attainment and motivation and improve the employability skills of young people. It is part of the seven year programme called Developing the Young Workforce that aims to better prepare children and young people for the world of work. It includes a Work Placement Standard.

Benefits to employers

Company's image will be enhanced through supporting your local community, school and young people. It introduces the young person to your industry and may influence their future subject and course choice.

Understand young people: while on placement they will offer new ideas and demonstrate how they think and behave. This could be useful in helping you to understand the interests and needs of young staff and customers.

Understand education and what young people can contribute to your business.

Your staffs’ development: communicating with, coaching and mentoring young people are a great way to give your staff additional responsibility and develop their skills.

Benefits to the local community: you will be helping young people have a greater understanding of the world of work, and of potential career opportunities in the local labour market.

Developing skills in the next generation of the workforce - you will contribute to more motivated, educated, trained and enterprising young people - who may be approaching you for employment in the future!

Benefits to pupils

A placement gives pupils an insight into specific occupational areas, and can help them make realistic and informed decisions about work, education and training.

Health and Safety

You will be aware that there is a legal requirement for employers to risk assess their place of work for all their employees, and ensure there is appropriate control measures, training and supervision. In addition, all relevant Public and Employer's Insurances should be in place. These same requirements apply to work placements as well.

Local authorities have Health and Safety officers and they will visit your premises to discuss the placement with you and identify the activities which a young person could do. There may be some aspects of your work which a young person may not be able to do. This will be covered during the short visit.

For further information please visit the Health and Safety Executive website: