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What we are doing

We have created an online work-based learning programme which will enable young people to find out more about the career pathways and job opportunities available to them. Young people can access the programme by logging into Workit.

How you can help

A key component of this programme will be a virtual work placement (VWP) opportunity where a young person can engage with an employer to find out more about their organisation, specific job roles and undertake a project or task associated with the role.

We have produced an easy guide to explain what needs to be included in a virtual work placement and a decision tree to help you to decide if you would be able to offer a virtual work placement opportunity.

insert_drive_file Virtual Work Placement Specification insert_drive_file Virtual Work Placement Decision Tree

If you are not able to meet all these requirements, you can still help by supplying digital resources that give an insight into your industry/company and provide valuable work-related learning for young people.

This could be in the form of the following examples. Click on the links to see some "real life" examples produced by employers across the country.

There’s a whole range of ways employers can help, and we’d love to hear about any other ideas you may have. We can even help you put together a digital offer.

Click 'Get involved!' and we’ll contact you.

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